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Comedy outfit JASH brings you their vision of the perfect comedy special: Rubberhead.  It’s a variety show hosted by Sarah Silverman, featuring comedians that she thinks are hilarious.  There’s no filter, no censorship, no network notes, just raw, unfiltered hilarity from the comedians she’s working with.  And I just happen to be one of them.


I’ve got a video in there with Nathan Fielder, and I think it just might tickle your fancybone.


Readers of Now Magazine have declared me, of all people, to be the best (male) stand-up comedian of 2014.

They have also declared my little troupe of pals, Don’t Get Bored of Us and Leave to be the best sketch troupe of 2014.  (Tom Henry @thegreatgatsby, James Hartnett @jameshartnett, Aaron Eves @aaroneves)





I wrote this thing for a “get out the vote” PAC in the USA.  I am absolutely shocked that they chose this script over the others I submitted, but fortunately they did. The talented Lucas Brothers starred in this, and the talented Joey Garfield directed it, and hopefully this means Obama will get elected for 12 more years (Is that how it works? I’m Canadian).


Guys, big news.  I’ve been nominated for this year’s annual NOW MAGAZINE “Best of Toronto” user poll.  I’m up for Best Male Stand-Up, against some pretty talented people.


Nevertheless, I’d really appreciate it if you voted for me, and maybe if your friends are disposed to voting, alert them as well.

Please click on my face below to bring you to the voting page.

Bridgetown Stand up







Or click this link if faces scare you


Please tweet/Fbook/reddit or whatever if you feel that you’d like to.


Thanks a million,



An Open Letter to David Cross:

Hey man, what’s up?

Just curious if you’re going to be in Toronto any time soon, and if so, if you wanted to make a new friend. not me of course, I’m talking about Blaine. Blaine is a good guy, nice guy, and he looks up to you.

Anyhow, this is an open letter, so you should have no trouble getting it out the envelope. It’s also unfolded and in a transparent envelope, so you’re probably reading this before taking it out of the envelope. If you are, you are probably comforted by the fact and confident in the fact that you will have no problems removing it from the envelope.

Hope things are good,

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Here is the link for tonight’s Laugh Sabbath Christmas Characters show!

The pilot episode of a funny new show by me.

Tonight, at 9PM at The Annex Live 296 Brunswick Avenue in Toronto, The Library will be featured in A Loot Bag O’ Laughs alternative comedy showcase during the World Wide Short Film Festival.  This is a must see, as it features many of the finest film examples from the Toronto Alternative Comedy scene.  A good scene to be sure.  I’ll be there signing babies.

Some new pics

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I’ve uploaded some new pictures.  Why not check them out?


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