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Guys, big news.  I’ve been nominated for this year’s annual NOW MAGAZINE “Best of Toronto” user poll.  I’m up for Best Male Stand-Up, against some pretty talented people.


Nevertheless, I’d really appreciate it if you voted for me, and maybe if your friends are disposed to voting, alert them as well.

Please click on my face below to bring you to the voting page.

Bridgetown Stand up







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A video that I guess I never uploaded to the site.





This is an album that I wrote and recorded.  I really enjoy it and I hope that you do too. It’s called Relationships to Me, and is about different relationships to me.

Tonight I’m doing THIS SHOW

9:00 PM

1265 Dundas St. West,

This Week’s Guests:

Megan Myke (Cirosly Funny)
Natalie Norman (Comedy in the Annex, excellent shopper)
Justin Laite (Very powerful human)
Amber Harper-Young (The Not So Good with Names Show)
Jess Beaulieu (Boston Women in Comedy Festival, Jordan’s spirit animal)
Todd Graham (Canadian Music Fest, iChannel’s No Kidding)
Darryl Orr (iChannel’s No Kidding, fantastic Twitter account)
Michael Harrison (Comedy NOW)

Special Guest:
David Dineen-Porter (Don’t Get Bored Of Us And Leave, L’Brondelle’s Universe) (me)


Just to reitterate, i have a twitter account!


I have a youtube channel!


and my comedy show “Don’t Get Bored of Us and Leave” has a website!


Please learn to join me everywhere.


Shows n Things

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Guys, i’m so bad at updating my shows on the widget.  I did 2 last night and never even thought to put them up.  NOT ANYMORE.  my next 2 shows are up there.  If you’re around UCBEast tomorrow, that’s the hot ticket.




I am now working on a podcast called Learn! Damn you!, in which I will teach someone a particular subject, topic, or concept. it may not be funny, but it should be interesting.

I’d love to hear some ideas as to what you might want to hear about.

Some topics

  • The Epic of Gilgamesh
  • Japanese Mythology
  • Beowulf
  • The origin of consciousness
  • The difference between genetic, developmental, and epigenetic





My silly little film L’Brondelle’s Universe is being featured this Friday, 29th of March, at the Boston Underground Film Festival. You guys should go check it out, if you’re in the Boston area.

An Open Letter to David Cross:

Hey man, what’s up?

Just curious if you’re going to be in Toronto any time soon, and if so, if you wanted to make a new friend. not me of course, I’m talking about Blaine. Blaine is a good guy, nice guy, and he looks up to you.

Anyhow, this is an open letter, so you should have no trouble getting it out the envelope. It’s also unfolded and in a transparent envelope, so you’re probably reading this before taking it out of the envelope. If you are, you are probably comforted by the fact and confident in the fact that you will have no problems removing it from the envelope.

Hope things are good,

I have been the target of one journalism. Please click on this image of a

Funny Dog

(Funny Dog) to read all about me and my limited successes.