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The long dry spell for hit podcast Party of Four is over.  Listen to the latest badass episode of this Canadian Comedy Award nominated gem!


PO4 - 300 pix

Check out this wonderful thing! (click the pic)


Comedy outfit JASH brings you their vision of the perfect comedy special: Rubberhead.  It’s a variety show hosted by Sarah Silverman, featuring comedians that she thinks are hilarious.  There’s no filter, no censorship, no network notes, just raw, unfiltered hilarity from the comedians she’s working with.  And I just happen to be one of them.


I’ve got a video in there with Nathan Fielder, and I think it just might tickle your fancybone.


Episode 10 of my podcast, Party of Four is up! CLICK THE ART FOR THE THING!


PO4 - 300 pix

Readers of Now Magazine have declared me, of all people, to be the best (male) stand-up comedian of 2014.

They have also declared my little troupe of pals, Don’t Get Bored of Us and Leave to be the best sketch troupe of 2014.  (Tom Henry @thegreatgatsby, James Hartnett @jameshartnett, Aaron Eves @aaroneves)





Hello everyone. Check out my new podcast, Party of Four, a comedic role-playing podcast where myself and four comedians do dumb things.


Here is the website!


We’ve had some great guests so far, including Ian Karmel, Johnny Pemberton, and Mark Little!

Check it out!

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