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My podcast is back! Click the poster to find out more about this awesome thing!  Live, Jan 14!

Guys, this is the last episode of 2014! So you might as well get your fill!

PO4 - 300 pix

Click on this picture to hear episode 9 of Party of Four! Noah Baumbach’s “The Subaru Forester and the Whale”.



My Brother Jeremy Dineen-Porter has written up his top 6 films of the year 2013.

Top 6 Films for 2013
(c) Jeremy Dineen-Porter

Shinkles (2013)
Starring Bill McMurray and Dankle Don

Shinkles tells the story of a whale-oil merchant in New England ca. 1979. The business is booming, as whale-oil is still the cleanest burning fuel we’ve ever used as a species.

Shinkles (McMurray), moves to town after and relaxes. Later that day, Shinkles thinks he should go get some clean burning whale oil to light his lamps, as its getting dark and the Porry Cob, a local ghost, is said to prey on people in the dark. Shinkles is also superstitious, I should mention.

He meets the whale oil salesman (Don), and then the plot really gets going.

What I liked about this omvie was that I liked Ghostbuster and Rushmore and Life Aqua, and so I liked mcMurray. Good job McMurray, and have a happy 2013. Great work in Zombieland, great camaeo I men. It’s not good work but it’s camaeo.


6th top movie of 2013

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Katie Chats!

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I was interviewed on Katie Chats!






This is an album that I wrote and recorded.  I really enjoy it and I hope that you do too. It’s called Relationships to Me, and is about different relationships to me.

Just to reitterate, i have a twitter account!


I have a youtube channel!


and my comedy show “Don’t Get Bored of Us and Leave” has a website!


Please learn to join me everywhere.


I have been the target of one journalism. Please click on this image of a

Funny Dog

(Funny Dog) to read all about me and my limited successes.

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