David, A.K.A. DDP, is a comedian, writer and director from Toronto who is fully equipped and trained  to be funny with an Honors Bachelor’s Degree in Babylonian Language and Legal Codices (actual fact). He’s been a featured performer at festivals such as Bridgetown Comedy Festival, San Franciso Sketch Fest, Montreal Sketch Fest, Toronto Sketch Fest, and notably JFL42 (Just for Laughs Toronto), where he was part of Andy Kindler’s legendary Alternative Show.

Acting? You got it. He is a cast member in Extreme Babysitting (YTV), has been featured in Video On Trial (Fuse TV), Cock’d Gunns (IFC), Prank Science (Discovery),  and has contributed to the writing and production of an episode of Xavier Renegade Angel (Adult Swim) by comedy enfants terribles PFFR, creators of Wonder Showzen.  He also wrote/performed Spookey Ruben’s Dizzy Playground (Chart.TV/Aux.TV) featuring powerhouses such as Feist and Hole.  His “Conversations” series of interviews on Chartattack were called “The best thing on the internet” by the Toronto Standard.

Writing? Yes. His comedy writing has been featured in numerous magazines and periodicals, like McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern and their Internet Tendency.  His blog enjoys a large readership and has been featured in such trendsetting sites as Bored At Work.

Awards? Of course. He was a finalist in CBC’s national Laugh Out Loud competition in 2010. The Canada Arts Council awarded him a prestigious grant. He won the $10,000 Robinhood Fund prize for his film “To Kill Stephen Spielberg”.

Creator? In 2007 he created L’Brondelle’s Universe, a multimedia entertainment property consisting of a video pilot (2010) and a wiki (2008) dedicated to the world of knowledge explained in the show.

Live talent? He co-hosts his own live show called Don’t Get Bored of Us and Leave, and is a part of the Laugh Sabbath group, a Toronto-based group of associated comedians. Also a musician, his band PDF Format perform regularly to great acclaim.

Please enjoy the rest of the website.

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