My Brother Jeremy Dineen-Porter has written up his top 6 films of the year 2013.

Top 6 Films for 2013
(c) Jeremy Dineen-Porter

Shinkles (2013)
Starring Bill McMurray and Dankle Don

Shinkles tells the story of a whale-oil merchant in New England ca. 1979. The business is booming, as whale-oil is still the cleanest burning fuel we’ve ever used as a species.

Shinkles (McMurray), moves to town after and relaxes. Later that day, Shinkles thinks he should go get some clean burning whale oil to light his lamps, as its getting dark and the Porry Cob, a local ghost, is said to prey on people in the dark. Shinkles is also superstitious, I should mention.

He meets the whale oil salesman (Don), and then the plot really gets going.

What I liked about this omvie was that I liked Ghostbuster and Rushmore and Life Aqua, and so I liked mcMurray. Good job McMurray, and have a happy 2013. Great work in Zombieland, great camaeo I men. It’s not good work but it’s camaeo.


6th top movie of 2013

Bunzz (2013)
Starring Lafayette Jockson and Domps

Silly film (class act film too) about a top stock market whos not so spic n span about his life goals and his treatment of his friends. (Jockson).

Domps is in the movie, making a comeback after Dark Mastry of the Alighted Bones Chronicles 2: Recepticle of the Winds disaster of 2013. He’s back again and this is Bunzz. Not the other one.

Domps made his debut “re-newed” career apperans in this new movie, Bunzz. To keep clear on that. Keep ti straight.

Jockson’s character “Doda” tries to trade his stocka buet a misclik on iMac mini (brushed aluminum) apple Magic Mouse ™ let his sotkcs BUY and not SELL. That lets Domps enter the scene of things by saying “get in my office!” and then the thing really kicks off the plot.

It’s good and I think the key is Domps made his comeback and that’s for a fine young actor in his prime. So that’s important about that. The prime aspect.

5th Best movie of 2013

5th Best movie of 2013

Chronicle of Bones Trilogy 1: Vision of the Illuminated – (2013)
Starring Mary Whiteachre and Nasty Bronson

This time it’s the first movie and you ca’t ca’tch each part in order yet, it’s just the one that got made.
Time is right to see it though, and it hit the theaters, so go forit.

Chronical bestarts when Tish(whiteacher)’s character (Tish) waits for her day of Nod-sleep. The Shaderiam drops a nodule on her brightness, gets that alien in there, like a spirit btu a mind from an alien? Like that. She can hear about the alien’s thoughts, and see a kind of mist. So it’s two bad things.

The alien doesn’t rest easy and finda that Tish and the Alien (Laura Linney) doesn’t “merge”. That’s why the movie is called “merge part 1” by shorthand, on the blog.

Nasty Bronson try to show us his thin soft wiener at every chance. Strip down, show the weiner, ship out, simple formula, and actually, effective.

Good sountrack makes this movie worth buying (for the digital download from iTunes ™ for the Mac Mini). 4.5/5.5 and a half stars.


The Cottage – (2013)

Starring Paul Ayonafsky, Sanette Dupris, and Malala Labiola

This got me CHILLED out but not calm and cool but cool and cold (temperature). Major chills from the aspect of the film. I had a 10 part chill at each time the killer maybe was ther, maybe not. Tough to tell, tbh, because of the music and camera angles.

This is a killer movie (literally), because it’s about a killer. Tobias (Ayonafsky) is a whale-oil merchant whose cottage is far from the main routes. He and his GFF (Sanette Durpis from MTV’s Dudettes) are there and he’s going to ‘pop the question’ at her. (Do you get married withm e? ) (yes!? [we hope, that’s our hope in the audience that she says yes])

However, Pickley Pete, a local ghost can get you if you don’t have whale oil, and because of a classic “bro” thing where aguy get s a girlfriend and he lets another aspect of his life fall out of disrepair, he didn’t keep up his proud tsock of whale-oil. Big problem for sure, because it gets dark without light and also mainly the Pickley Pete scenario in a pervious part of the review.

I thought this movie was great, considering. I’d def see this with Magda again. 3.5/and a half out of /5




That Moment When… – (2013)
Starring – David Cross, David Cross, David Cross, David Cross and so on

This is another latst movie to cache in on the “something someone says commonly in speech or you see on the internet” craze for naming movies. It’s like, it’s the sound of “that oment when da da da da” when something happens, that you see as a meme on Google+.

David Cross plays an entire cast of cards (lol, just characters), who are not playing with a full deck of cards. They’re a mix of screwed up people in wigs and though bald, David can pretend like it’s real hair. Even old he’s got a lot of chops. The characters all are people who meet on a train and then the plot really kicks off.

Each person has an intro that says “that omment when you realize your not wearing a bra but you reached out and he can see in your shirt but the bra we mentioned” or ‘that moment when your sure you did’t” you know etc etc. that kind of gimmick.

I love inthernet clips and I love this clip. D.Cross plays all the cards in the show and really, his variety of characters is as various as the deck of people you might find dealt to you upon the train.

I gitve this movie a huGE thumb up and really pat it on the back. I really give this a big thumb. Great flick.


2nd best movie of 2013, comedy but a classy movie

2nd best movie of 2013, comedy but a classy movie

#1 – Dandelion Tea – (2013)
Starring Obra Neige, Molly D’Laney, and Sgt. Guigliano

Wat happans if you drink your dandelion tea in the dark? Director’s first attempt called Dandelion Tea asks that question in the show, twice, and the director is called Mark Dota. Mark’s good film answeres his own question, a kind of easy cheating to ask and then answer, but it’s an overall positive answer too, that brings us together, google and facebook users on a single integrated platform that allows us to make our choice of what we awnt, and how we want it.

I paid for this movie out of pocket, so that’s what democracy is all about. It’s not really fair for Mark Dota if you don’t pay or if another guy pays for you.

A lot of actresses in this movie give it a grat vibe, because of the deep and impressive wisdom from in their blood. They had a “bad date” and so on. And it’s about bonding and to back each other up, one must learn to be ones own best friend.

I’m curious about tea in general and I found this movie very ielluminating.

For Christmas, Magda got me a tea mug with a loose-leafe sifter. I’m trying new teas and I’m working on myself in 2014.

This movie gets a big thums up and a half stars.


Top movie for 2013 FOR SURE, deffinately a top favorite of mine, second favorite film for sure.

Top movie for 2013 FOR SURE, deffinately a top favorite of mine, second favorite film for sure.

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